Snozzleberrymama and her ducklings

Spring has come to Snuzzleberryvale and Snozzleberrymama takes her ducklings to the lake. One little chick is already falling asleep, one is distracted, the third is having a toddler tantrum and the youngest wants to be picked up and hold in mama’s wings. Snozzleberrymama doesn’t mind her offspring’s little antics .

You can find them here:

Snozzleberrymama and chicks – Redbubble

Snozzleberrymama and her ducklings – Society6


Sabertooth Birdiebunnyboo

This his Sabertooth Birdiebunnyboo. He counts dragons, emus, sabertoothbunnies and the Dodo to his ancestors. He cannot fly because of his little Dodo bird wings, but he doesn’t mind . He travels through Fable Gardens in his favourite boots. A sighting, even if you only catch a glimpse of him in the corner of your eye, will bring you luck.

You can find Sabertooth Birdiebunnyboo here: