Witchington Gardens

At Witchington Gardens, young witches can e.g. fly around on their broomsticks, familiars race with each other on their little brooms, they can brew their own concoctions in the big couldron, there is a greenhouse, where they can learn about plants and herbs, they can go down to the lake for a swim or use the boat, they can lie down and read, tent, visit one of the many treehouses and walk on rope bridges high up in the trees, and there are many more activities. Of course there are many magical creatures living at Camp Witchington and in the forests you can meet, for example the little Folks living in trees, hedges and mushrooms.

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Little Witch Vacation

It’s the time of the year again. Camp Witchington is open and all the little witches travel there for their vacation. They travel with their familiars; by hot-air ballon, brooms and pigeons. Finally, when
all little witches have arrived, they all gather around the big bubbling cauldron on the glade. So many adventures await them. So much fun is to be had.

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Busy Birdel

Busy Birdel lives in Fable Gardens. He just bought the newest issue of the Daily Dodo. His new hoof sandals help him run even faster, so he is the first at the willow down by the creek and can snatch his favourite reading spot. There is a rock, against which he props whatever he reads and he lies down in the cool shade of the big tree.

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Busy Birdel – Society 6